The Alex Hugo Story

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I was born and raised in the South Bronx right across the street from Yankee Stadium. My childhood was a normal Bronx inner city childhood. We ignored the crack heads, played man hunt, dropped to the ground every time we heard bullets being shot out of cannons and talked about it the next day when we were in school. We watched baseball games from the roof of our building just to get a taste of the Yankees. This was our norm. 


Growing up in the Bronx must have been my first adventure of this thing we call life and dreams. The older we got the more life destroyed our dreams. While my friends all had dreams and hopes of being a famous basketball or Baseball player. My dream was how can I get in that box they call a television. It wasn’t long when my mother introduced me to her huge “broadcast looking” video camera which recorded on a VCR tape. My mother kept this on a tripod because no one dared to hold it and drop it. 

I remember the first time I looked through the viewfinder. It was 1986 I was probably 9 years old. My mother was hosting a New Years Eve event for her Birthday. I took a quick peak as it stood there calling me. The music was loud but for some odd reason when I laid my right eye onto the rubbering viewfinder everything went silent. All I can see was what was presented in the box. Of course my mother ruined my 5 seconds of pleasure and yelled at me to get away from her massive camcorder but it never stopped me from taking a sneak peak when no one was paying attention. Usually when everyone was drunk in the party.

During the 80’s I was fascinated and inspired by movies such as Gremlins, StarWars, Goonies, Terminator, Rocky and my all time favorite Indiana Jones the one with the Asian boy was my favorite. Didn’t know much about who directed and wrote these classics at the time but I knew one day I will replicate this when I got older. 


In 1992 my friends dreams became blurry derailing as they went from basketball players to drug dealers and gangbangers. Meanwhile my dad decided to buy me a camcorder which brought me back to focus. That camcorder came in clutch as I recorded everything from the sky, to my family events, to hanging out with my friends in the Bronx to taking it to my school and recording under girls skirts. Yes I know it was wrong but I was young give me a break. 

I didn’t figure out the art of cinematography until one day my friend and I decided to go hang out at the movie theaters for the day. We use to pay for one admission and then sneak into other showings. After two movies and 5 hours later we snuck into a movie called Natural Born Killers. Yes I was under the influence of some beer and  watching this for the first time was very disturbing. From the storyline to the visuals everything about this movie was different and insane. I fell in love with it immediately. To me it was a refreshing perspective in the movie world. Quentin Tarrentino was a genius and my new hero. My buddy didn’t understand the movie but I did. This is when I knew for sure what I wanted to be and how I wanted to film my movies "GRITTY". Just didn’t know how to get started. 


As years went by and my dreams were fading again because of life and problems.  My friends started dining, or getting locked up. Lucky for me my dreams kept presenting itself and became my hobby.  I recorded everything from1992 to 2002  and in 2004 I decided to edit all my videos into one theme. “My Bronx Tale” (10-year Time Capsule). In 2004 I was able to package this on a DVD and sell them to all the locals in the neighborhood. I probably sold over 300 copies at 10 dollars each. People jumped on it because either they heard about this or knew someone in it that passed away or locked up. Some folks in it were ex-drug addict turned Christian and bought it to show people their testimony. It was my first experience in selling a product I created. Now it was time to learn how to continue the momentum. 


In 2005 I went to a baby shower with an old friend of mine and decided to record the baby shower as a gift for the couple. After editing it and giving them this thoughtful present I began to get referrals of other couples or friends that needed the same. This began to generate side income that started as a free gesture. I began charging $200. That turned into $500 then as I got better I charged  thousands. People hired me for Music Videos which was a step closer to what I dreamed of as a child. I began making Music Videos into small movies. My first was “My name is Oronde Baltimore” it was a 5 song music video that the hero went through a journey from the hood to even turning into a vampire. This was hilarious but we wanted to do something different. 


In 2014, while studying for my Master’s in Business I joined an acting workshop to understand how an actor thinks and the process of acting. The idea was for me to learn acting so I can direct actors better. But once I caught the acting bug I went on auditions and starred in several school films. I then decided in 2015 to write my own movie called Bully the house always wins. The 24 Hour Movie Channel on ROKU picked it up and  this build more momentum. 


In 2016, I decided to incorporate my company Alex Hugo Films LLC. I was now hungry to take on the film Industry so it was time to upgrade equipment and my team. In 2020, I completed my first feature BULLY the dead don’t die which is now available in Streaming channels.  With So many obstacles  and walls I left out . It was a rough journey I'm sill traveling on. But as I get closer I can smell my treasure. With that said I do have more projects coming in 2021 such as a (Comedy) Daddy of the year, (Horror) Mr.White and (Crime) BIG ITALY. Bully was only the beginning and the future has more to come.