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October 2023

Richard Graham, a socially awkward man from Middletown, NY, moves to the Bronx in search of a fresh start. However, his struggles with social interactions push him to the edge of sanity. Consumed by his dark desires, Richard begins stalking women and injecting them with a lethal dose of propofol using a syringe. As the body count rises, Detective Rivera becomes the only hope to stop Richard's reign of terror. Rivera must navigate through the shadows of the Bronx to bring Richard to justice before he claims another victim. Will Detective Rivera be able to outsmart Richard and put an end to his murderous spree? Or will Richard's twisted mind prove too elusive for justice? Alex Hugo's White Lily is a gripping thriller that explores the depths of human darkness and the relentless pursuit of justice.

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BULLY "the rise of two kings"
April 2016

The year is 2010 and New York City’s crime rate reached is peak. FBI Deputy Reagan recruits Philly Detective Freddy Rico Jr to partner up with Special Agent Raymond Valentine  to rise the ranks and take take down the Tremont Boys, the Sos Cartel and unknown Crime lord Danny House. 

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BULLY the dead don't die 
May 2020

Raymond Valentine sworn an oath to protect and serve however get suspended for allegedly racketeering, drug dealing and human trafficking. Twisted love set him off on a journey he may never come back from. 

BULLY The Rico Story
December 2021

Freddy Rico Jr last chance to repent and tells his story behind bars. 


December 2023

Comedy- On Christmas Day Alfonso Ramon aka Chappa Daddy finds out he is a daddy and takes him off course from getting to the most epic party.  While everyone is derailing him he needs to decide if he will be a daddy or Chappa Daddy.  

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