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Are you a movie lover looking for something fresh and authentic? Look no further than Alex Hugo Films. With a deep passion for storytelling, I specialize in gritty and captivating films that leave a lasting impression. Want to bring your own vision to life? Reach out and let's collaborate.

Experience the Art of Movie Making

Alex Hugo Films: Your Cinematic Journey Starts Here

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Creative Development

Don't let the uncertainty of where to start hold you back from creating the film you've been dreaming of. At SETLIFE, we specialize in taking your ideas and turning them into a impactful and memorable film. We'll help you through the process, from start to finish, and work with you to create a message that truly connects with your viewers.



Our Post-Production services allow you to take your video from good to great. We understand that editing, sound design, and visual effects are all critical components to creating a truly compelling final product. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your video is the best possible representation of your vision.


Video Production

At our full-service video production company, we stop at nothing to create the highest quality video content for your target audience. With years of experience in film and video production, we know how to adapt and thrive under pressure. We're confident we can deliver the results you need, so why not give us a try?


Bronx filmmaker,

gritty storyteller, podcast host.


The Passion Behind Alex Hugo Films


Born and raised in the South Bronx, just across the street from Yankee Stadium, Alex Hugo's childhood was a typical inner-city Bronx experience. Amidst the challenges of the neighborhood, he navigated the streets, played games, and, like many, ducked when bullets echoed through the air, only to share the stories at school the next day. His view of life and dreams began in the Bronx, and as he grew older, life tested and, in some ways, shattered those dreams. While his friends aspired to become famous athletes, Alex's dream was to find his place inside the television box. Introduced to a massive "broadcast-looking" video camera by his mother, he found solace behind its viewfinder. In 1986, at the age of 9, during a New Year's Eve event, he took a fleeting glimpse through the viewfinder, experiencing a moment of silence amid the chaos, envisioning a world within the box. The cinematic seeds were planted in the '80s as he found inspiration in movies like Gremlins, Star Wars, Goonies, Terminator, Rocky, and his favorite, Indiana Jones. Unaware of the directors at the time, he vowed to replicate their magic one day. In 1992, as his friends' dreams blurred into uncertainty, his father gifted him a camcorder, reigniting his focus. From family events to Bronx hangouts, he recorded everything, realizing his passion for cinematography during an eye-opening movie experience with Natural Born Killers. Recording from 1992 to 2002, he compiled his footage in 2004, creating "My Bronx Tale," a 10-year time capsule. Selling over 300 copies locally marked his first entrepreneurial venture. Transitioning from personal projects to professional videography, he started capturing events, building a side income that evolved into music videos. Progressing from small gigs to elaborate productions, he transformed music videos into cinematic narratives, epitomizing his childhood dream. In 2014, while pursuing a Master's in Business, he delved into acting to better understand the craft for directing. Caught by the acting bug, he starred in school films and wrote "Bully the house always wins" in 2015, which gained traction on the Roku channel. In 2016, Alex Hugo Films LLC was born, marking a significant step in his cinematic journey. Completing his first feature, "BULLY the dead don’t die," in 2020, he continued with projects like "The Rico Story" in 2021, (Holiday Comedy) Daddy of the year in 2022, (Urban Drama) One Lyfe to Live in 2022,  (Thriller) White Lily in 2023, and in now in production (Crime) BIG ITALY—setting the stage for a promising cinematic future.

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